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Brett Neilson

Fiche auteur détaillée


Selected Publications Books

Neilson, B. 2004, Free Trade in the Bermuda Triangle … and Other Tales of Counter-Globalization, Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press. Edited Volumes

Neilson, B. and Bamyeh, M. (guest eds) 2009, Cultural Critique [Special Issue : ‘Drugs in Motion : Mind and Body Altering Substances in the World’s Cultural Economy’], 71(Winter).

Edufactory Collective (ed.) 2008, L’universita’ globale : Il nuovo mercato del sapere, Roma, Italia : Manifesto Libri.

Neilson, B. and Rossiter, N. (guest eds) 2006, Ephemera : Theory and Politics in Organization [Special Issue : Experience, Movement and the Creation of New Political Forms], 6(4).

Anderson, K., Dobson, R., Allon, F. and Neilson, B. (eds) 2006, After Sprawl : Post-Suburban Sydney. E-Proceedings of the ‘Post-Suburban Sydney : The City in Transformation’ Conference, 22-23 November 2005, Sydney : Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney.

Goddard, M. and Neilson, B. (guest eds) 2005, Cultural Studies Review [Special Issue : Italian Effects], 11(2).

Neilson, B. and Rossiter, R. (guest eds) 2005, Fibreculture Journal [Special Issue : Multitudes, Creative Organisation, and the Precarious Condition of New Media Labour] (opens in new window)Opens in a new window, 5.

Watson, I., Allon, F., Nicholl, F. and Neilson, B. (eds) 2002, Borderlands [Special Issue : On What Grounds ? Sovereignty, Territoriality, and Indigenous Rights] (opens in new window)Opens in a new window, 1(2).

Thèmes de recherche

Professor Brett Neilson’s research and writing aims to provide alternative ways of conceiving globalisation, with particular emphasis upon its social and cultural dimensions. Drawing on cultural and social theory as well as on empirical and archival information, this research has derived original and provocative means for rethinking the significance of globalisation for a wide range of contemporary problems and predicaments, including the circulation of popular culture, the proliferation of borders, the ascendancy of global financial markets, the pressures of population ageing and the growing heterogeneity of labour. His writings have been translated into ten languages : Italian, French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

He is currently working on the ARC Discovery project, Culture in Transition : Creative Labour and Social Mobilities in the Asian Century (opens in new window)Opens in a new window, with partner researchers from China, India and Italy.



PhD, 1994, English, Yale University, USA

MA, MPhil, 1990, English, Yale University, USA

BA, (Hons 1), 1987, English, University of Sydney

Honours and Awards

1987-92 : Fulbright Scholarship, Australian-American Educational Foundation

1992-93 : Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Fellowship

1989-92 : William Lyons Phelps Prize Fellowship, Yale University

1987-89 : Richard J. Franke Prize Fellowship, Yale University

1987 : University Medal, English, University of Sydney